Enlisting and Providing Support by Kimberly Allison

For my advocate plan, I am seeking other Early Childhood Teachers to support having more literacy in the classroom.  I will seek them out and show them that having more support in the classroom will give more support with their teacher and it might free them up on some things.  I will show them that students need all the support they can get to help them grow.  I  want to ask you, classmates, how should I approach other teachers with my plan? And, how should present this plan to others outside the school about my advocacy plan?  I have found out that most people that I talk to about my advocacy plan, they want visuals about how my advocacy plan will work for students.  They want to see actual footage of my advocacy is action.  I just do not know how to show them this if it is my plan to make it happen.  Should I film students with other people reading them and maybe see how the students act when they are with them?  I would appreciate if you could give me your feedback so I can make this plan come to play,


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